2/4 Drop 2" Drop Coils 2" Rear Hanger 1-2" Adjustable Shackle 2WD

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This Kit Includes A Pair Of 2" Lowering Springs. Crown Suspension 100% Made In The USA Drop Hangers Will Lower Your Truck 2". This Kit Contains 2 Hangers, One For Each Side Of Your Truck. Crown Suspension Adjustable Drop Shackles Will Lower Your Truck 1" or 2" Depending On The Bolt Hole You Install Them On. Our Shackles Are Cut, Welded, And Powder Coated Here In The USA!


2" Lowering Springs

2" Lowering Hangers

1"-2" Lowering Shackles


1997-2003 F150 2WD

Not For Lightning Models

Product ID: 353520_523520_510525_USA

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