Vibro Solutions C10 Pro Insulator Kit

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The C-10 PRO kit consists of the following Vibro Solution products in Black or Silver:

    1. Three Boxes (60 Sq.ft) of 2mm vibrodamping material which will cover from the top of the fire wall all the way to the top of the back wall.
    2. One Box (57 Sq.ft) of 6mm Vibro insulator 100% waterproof foam. This product is installed on top of the 2mm foil to add additional sound and vibration insulation.
    3. One Box (8,9 Sq.ft) of 7mm Backwall sound insulator,The product was designed and tested as a two in one layered solution for sound damping and acoustical sound absorption. We have re-engineered this productfor the C-10 and are currently in production of a ONE piece back wall solution measuring 72”X17” 

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